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Secret Lies of Success

Secrets and lies coded into these words.
Never explain them.

Blood from my fingertips against plastic
Print screen… that’s how they got here.

You’ll have to get your own understanding.

I earned mine, injected and transfused.
Perhaps too much.

See there they are, blood on a page.
How cliche…but so few listen.
Not really.

So it’s alright.

But this is the way it must be.

It keeps me from hemorrhaging
from the inside out.

Keeps the pin pricks small. Dry.

Interpret them as you will
They are gifts for you to do with as you like.

I am done with them.

I’ll be here sailing on the Interstitial Waterway

Near the Coastline of Somewhere – watching sunsets.

Judging my life by urine color.