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Sideways Dreamer

Someone will have to explain why he was so marginalized.

Someone will have to explain why he is there.

who is this actor of a man

who bleeds on cue,

Who bleeds after waiting

on queue to do so ?

And he wonders as his insides turn to stone soup,

how long it might take to anesthetize himself to death.

The world, it seems, euthanized him long ago

and hasnt yet disposed of the body.

Aspirations to climb to the top resulted in

shouting from the rooftops

hoping to be heard by the nobody listening

in the empty town called home.

It is like all the quiet Sundays of his childhood.

He think he hears his mother sigh.

She’s only breathing.

She always breathes that hard

since he broke her heart.

He used to stare into the middle distance

toward tree tops,

for months until

she led him gently to bed.

So he goes knowing,

No one will ever explain anything at all.

It seems like it was all for nothing.


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